I wore my Benincasa’s to a wedding in NY and my feet didn’t bother me for 10 hours. The next night, I wore my Valentino’s and I didn’t last 30 minutes.

- Margie C.

Made it through a day of SF walking, meetings and dinner.  7am-9pm.  My feet are screaming THANK YOU!!

- Erin A.

These shoes exceeded my expectations! I had absolutely no pain despite hours of dancing and an unexpectedly long walk to find a cab. Cannot recommend highly enough!

- Rachel L.

Sometimes you just have to “treat yo self”. Excited about today’s mail delivery. These shoes are gorgeous AND comfortable.

- Megan K.

I have been eyeing these shoes since I saw the preview online.  So excited to own them.  They're just as beautiful in person as in photographs and they're SUPER comfortable.  Really pleased with my purchase!

- Hannah H.

The first time I wore my pumps I was in meetings all day and then ran through the airport.  I got compliments from three different people and my feet felt great the whole day!

- Imola D.

My Benincasa shoes allow me to still be stylish while keeping up the kids. Love not having to sacrifice style or fine craftsmanship for comfort!

- Corinne P.

When you have all day meetings and want to rock heels

- Leah G.

I used to quietly suffer through events in my heels but now I look forward to occassions to wear these beautiful shoes!

- Sarah H.

Four hours in and my feet are great.  So far I love these heels!

- Riane H.

I just ordered these shoes and they are incredible.

- Danielle M.

I wore my Benincasa heels for the first time to an all-day event and my feet never once ached and I believe it is due to the custom insoles. Their footwear is not only stylish, but also comfortable.”

- Brittney G.

I liked all the shoe choices, the process was very quick and easy, and the initial wearing was good.

- Angela S.

They felt divine and looked even more beautiful. You are really onto something here.

- Ginny S.

Thank you so much, I LOVE these shoes and cannot wait to wear them. Thank you for dropping them off today in plenty of time for my trip. I am already looking forward to your fall collection.

- Anna K.

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