We partnered with biomedical and footwear experts to develop a patent-pending technology that is specically designed to prevent ball of foot pain- the burning sensation from wearing heels. Order a pair of Benincasa’s and recieve a Fit Kit to take an impression of your feet. Using the power of 3D imaging, we create custom insoles according to your individual measurements. The insoles are elegantly integrated into our line of shoes to be virtually invisible under the leather.


We scientifically tested our insoles with biomedical researchers and wear-tested countless prototypes to perfect the product. We’ve also designed every aspect of the shoe to be more comfortable- heels, leathers, straps. But don’t take our word for it and try them yourself. We ooffer a 30 Day Trial on all online orders. Give your custom shoes a try and we will accept them back if you are not completely satisfied, no questions asked!



I wore my Benincasa’s to a wedding in NY and my feet didn’t bother me for 10 hours. The next night, I wore my Valentino’s and I didn’t last 30 minutes.

- Margie C.

Made it through a day of SF walking, meetings and dinner.  7am-9pm.  My feet are screaming THANK YOU!!

- Erin A.

These shoes exceeded my expectations! I had absolutely no pain despite hours of dancing and an unexpectedly long walk to find a cab. Cannot recommend highly enough!

- Rachel L.

Sometimes you just have to “treat yo self”. Excited about today’s mail delivery. These shoes are gorgeous AND comfortable.

- Megan K.

I have been eyeing these shoes since I saw the preview online.  So excited to own them.  They're just as beautiful in person as in photographs and they're SUPER comfortable.  Really pleased with my purchase!

- Hannah H.

The first time I wore my pumps I was in meetings all day and then ran through the airport.  I got compliments from three different people and my feet felt great the whole day!

- Imola D.

My Benincasa shoes allow me to still be stylish while keeping up the kids. Love not having to sacrifice style or fine craftsmanship for comfort!

- Corinne P.

When you have all day meetings and want to rock heels

- Leah G.

I used to quietly suffer through events in my heels but now I look forward to occassions to wear these beautiful shoes!

- Sarah H.

Four hours in and my feet are great.  So far I love these heels!

- Riane H.

I just ordered these shoes and they are incredible.

- Danielle M.

I wore my Benincasa heels for the first time to an all-day event and my feet never once ached and I believe it is due to the custom insoles. Their footwear is not only stylish, but also comfortable.”

- Brittney G.

I liked all the shoe choices, the process was very quick and easy, and the initial wearing was good.

- Angela S.

They felt divine and looked even more beautiful. You are really onto something here.

- Ginny S.

Thank you so much, I LOVE these shoes and cannot wait to wear them. Thank you for dropping them off today in plenty of time for my trip. I am already looking forward to your fall collection.

- Anna K.

Questions? Email us at service@benincasamilano.com or call us 800-898-2863

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